Pakistan’s Bumbling Board

16 03 2010

The fallout from Pakistan’s cricket tour to Australia is continuing apace with fresh news emerging everyday from the PCB and other sources. For those of you who haven’t been following this stimulating story here is a short synopsis of the events as they stand:

  • Pakistan go to Australia on tour and are whitewashed in the test, one day and 20/20 series. Mohamed Yousuf is their captain.
  • Yousuf is injured and Shahid Afridi takes over for the rest of the tour.
  • As captain, Shahid Afridi is caught biting the ball in one of the final one day games and is subsequently banned for 2 matches.
  • Shoaib Malik takes over once more after being deposed from the captaincy the previous year.
  • Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) launch an inquiry upon the teams return to find out why they performed so poorly.
  • PCB ban Younis Khan and Mohamed Yousuf for ‘indefinite periods’, Rana Naved-Ul- Hasan and Shoaib Malik for a year, Shahid Afridi and the Akmal brothers fined for ‘various misdemeanors’.

Further findings and recommendations have been published today from members of Pakistan’s senate standing committee, to whom the PCB brought their findings. Despite the fact that the committee was only asked to make judgments on issues regarding discipline and internal friction between players, the committee came up with some fairly startling conclusions….

Apparently “one or more” players in the Pakistani team are and have been involved in deliberately performing badly for money.

Shocking stuff we agree. However they do throw in a little caveat. They admit there is ‘no concrete evidence‘ of this and won’t name any particular players.

This strikes us as one of the most extraordinarily irresponsible things, and probably even libelous,  that we have ever heard a sporting governing body say. Sadly though it seems to be entirely consistent with the PCB’s history, albeit they have taken it to unprecedented new levels. Pakistani cricket will never regain the heights it once had, if even the governing body appears to be acting against the players. Granted the players are hardly perfect examples of the way teamwork should be demonstrated – but still – accusing your players publicly, despite there being no evidence to support your assertions is downright mad.

For our money the results in Australia were down to indiscipline, lack of skill and Australia’s superior mental attitude. Obviously we have no insightful knowledge of the inner sanctum of Pakistani cricket, but with the focus on match fixing these days, we would be highly surprised if any of these allegations were true.



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