Newsflash: Cusiter Is Johnson’s Secret Agent!

11 03 2010

Well done Martin Johnson. He has managed what many people previously would have thought to be impossible, and placed a spy, or ‘mole’ if you will, in the Scotland rugby camp.

There is no other explanation for Scotland scrum half Chris Cusiter’s comments yesterday. As England fans, we are used to the England management talking the team up at every opportunity, even in the face of yet another dreary loss, but now the opposition are at it too.

Cusiter is worried about ‘the huge physical challenge’ and the ‘pace they have with the guys out wide’. One thing that England can claim to be is ‘physical’ so no problems there. The amount of time they spend in the gym means that any rugby side described as anything different to this needs to worry. It is the ‘pace out wide’ bit that made us laugh though.

Undoubtedly with no one in front of them and no pressure to deliver a final and telling pass, England’s back three are quick enough with the exception these days of Cueto. Ironically, Cueto is the only one currently that has the ability to out think any defenders in front of him, yet due to his lack of cutting edge pace, can’t put this into practise.

However, with Johnson’s man Cusiter working his magic from within the Scottish camp, lets hope that the Scottish defence focuses on these wide areas, allowing England’s loose forwards to carry it all the way up the middle of the park.

Possibly of course, Cusiter’s comments come straight from page 1 of the ‘Rugby Players Guide to Press Conferences: 101 Non Controversial Things to Say’, but we have been doing a bit of Johnson bashing recently and would like to give him some credit for something…..



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