England Into World Cup Semi’s

7 03 2010

England yesterday qualified for the semi finals of the hockey world cup for the first time in 24 years beating India 3-2. In a fantastic result that has confirmed England’s resurgence as a hockey nation of note, there is a real and growing optimism that they can actually win the tournament. If they can do this, then going forward to the London Olympics in 2012 a medal will be a very real possibility, which being at home would be a wonderful result.

Ashley Jackson: a goal scorer for England again yesterday

We are also proud to note that our old school compatriot, Ashley Jackson, opened the scoring again yesterday with a brilliant effort from the edge of the area. The Compulsive Hooker can also mention that, had Ashley not chosen a sporting career in hockey, it is possible he could have made it as a professional cricketer. He possessed a very real talent as an opening batsman and on more than one occasion, we have seen him destroy some pretty reasonable bowling attacks.




2 responses

9 03 2010

Hockey nation of note, ok noted, now what do we do?

10 03 2010

Watch them and sing Rule Britannia… We’ve got the Germans in the Semi’s – no old school rivalry to pick up on there!

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