A Goode Signing?

6 03 2010

In the history of extraordinary transfers, surely Andy Goodes move to the South African Super 14 franchise, the Sharks, is one of the most unlikely.

The Super 14, remember, has an avowed commitment to attacking, spectator friendly rugby. The Sharks, however, it appears do not. There cannot be any other way to construe Goode’s move as he is a fly half who promotes more or less the opposite of these stated intentions. Critics have praised Goode for his range of kicks – but it is hardly surprising that he is proficient at more than just a punt, given that this is more or less all he does.

Watching the still to be completed Sharks Waratahs game we think it can’t be long until the Sharks fans start getting irritated with him. So far in this match he has kicked everytime bar twice when he delivered a couple of the most telegraphed passes possible. To then be sin binned for the second week in succession isn’t going to help his cause either.


There is hope for Goode though as the Super 14, so often vaunted as the worlds best club competition, if judged by this game alone would appear to be worse than any top flight northern hemisphere competition. The Sharks have been infected by the Goode disease of the boot, with Stefan Terblanche, usually someone willing to run the ball, seemingly unable to stop putting grubber kicks through despite options outside him. Opposite them the Waratahs are attempting to run the ball at almost every opportunity, yet in the best Guiness Premiership style, can’t execute even the simplest passing move without dropping the ball.

The Compulsive Hooker is definitely sceptical of the merits of some of this years Super 14 rugby* that is being played,with tackling appearing on many occasions to be an optional extra. With this in mind Danny Cipriani should be a success in next years expanded competition as this is the sort of rugby in which he thrives.

*For any outraged southern hemisphere supporters reading this – don’t worry, we are equally sceptical of the merits of northern hemisphere rugby. Somewhere there has to be a middle road between the two extremes providing a happy medium!




4 responses

9 03 2010

Blue bulls vs leicester? Crusaders vs Castres? pretty sure I know where i’d be putting my money….

10 03 2010

I would be with you too. I do think there is a serious gap between the top 5/6 teams and bottom 2/3 though and this is only going to get worse with another franchise being added next year. To be fair probably only Munster, Leinster, Toulouse and perhaps a couple of others could challenge in the Super 14.

10 03 2010

I do agree racking up cricket scores doesn’t really make the games any more exciting, but breeding the players to run the ball and look to score tries at least inspires the part time fans,(I know, I know, it’s a luxury having nice dry pitches)
If you get a chance try to watch a Qld reds game, the amount of variety they employ to make yards, short kicks, angled runs, backs playing instinctively! it’ll make you weep that England are currently so stagnant. But I do realise in tests you def need to tighten up the forwards and know how to control tempo and force mistakes from territory, however scoring tries is still the best way to get the punters chanting!

10 03 2010

The problem English sides have, is that they don’t have the right mentality. They are not encouraged to try things, run the ball and whilst the dry ground down south probably helps a bit, the kiwis still manage it and they often play in similar conditions.
Agree with your comments on the Reds, have enjoyed watching them. Quade Cooper lookers brilliant to me and is very inventive.

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