England Beat South Africa Too – Even Better!

3 03 2010

As we wrote in yesterday’s article regarding the hockey world cup, any victory over Australia is worthy of mention. Brilliantly, the England team went one better last night by also beating South Africa 6-4 yesterday.

As can be seen by the numbers of articles in each sporting category on the right hand side of the page, the Compulsive Hooker’s first loves are cricket and rugby. Almost certainly entirely down to this fact, the slight inferiority complexes that English fans experience in both these sports when compared to the Southern Hemisphere giants, mean that victories over these countries are to be treasured what ever the sport.

We don’t want to go on about it too much but….. Get in! Who cares that we were expected to win the game or that the South African’s still scored 4 goals meaning our defence isn’t perhaps as strong as it could be, or that it’s not cricket or rugby – fan’s international bragging rights are the most important thing!




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