England Beat Australia – Brilliant!

2 03 2010
England score

Ashley Jackson scores England's first goal

One thing that the Compulsive Hooker cannot be accused of, is being shy in trumpeting English victories over Australian teams no matter what the sport is. One that slipped under the radar at the weekend (but is definitely worth mentioning) is England’s astonishing victory over Australia in the Hockey World Cup which is currently under way in India. Astonishing due to the fact that England hadn’t beaten the Aussies since 1985, a longer period of time than even the national cricket team managed between 1986 and 2005.

Due to the unpredictable nature of Middle Eastern television we have been able to watch this tournament live on the main channels (whereas 6 Nations, FA Cup and IPL for example are all on obscure pay TV) and we have been thoroughly enjoying it. It is true that the game is not the easiest sport to follow on the small screen with the ball being too small and too fast much of the time, but with England winning it has been a joy to watch.

England didn’t actually play that well and still won, which gives us a real hope that they may have a chance of winning this competition outright. With the entire competition slipping under the radar somewhat in the national press (how many of you realised it was happening really?), it is important that any successes England enjoy are spread amongst the English sporting masses. Particularly when the successes entail a win over Australia!




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2 03 2010
Will Buck

I actually did watch this game and am delighted that the hockey world cup is being shown on TV out here, however random that is!! As a loose cannon and hockey player, I have to correct Bradder and say that England played phenomenally well. Bradders’ ex-Sutton Valence schoolmate Ashley Jackson looks a class player. We kept the ball extremely well with some very intelligent passing and dominated the first 3/4 of the game. We tired a little in the last quarter but the defence was outstanding and the goalie made some amazing saves. What a result. I’ll be watching the rest of the tournament cheering them on! Alsways enjoy taking the aussies down!

2 03 2010

Thanks Will, I was going on the coaches post game comments more than my own opinions – don’t trust them so much when it comes to hockey! Will definitely be watching the rest of it though.

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