Our Lord Sachin.

25 02 2010

Lord Sachin waves to his minions

Despite the fact that we are late writing about this and can almost certainly add nothing new, we feel we must mention Sachin Tendulkars 200 against South Africa, which quite frankly, is an extraordinary feat.

Pleasingly for the statisticians amongst us, this now means that Lara’s world record of 400* is exactly double this new ODI record. Similarly to Lara’s reclaiming of his record against England from Hayden’s 380 against Zimbabwe (if Boycott’s mum had been batting she’d have scored 580). Tendulkar has ensured the ODI record has been claimed from an equally hopeless record holder in Zimbabwe’s Charles Coventry. We are not of course suggesting Hayden and Coventry are similar players, but records against Zimbabwe and Bangladesh don’t count for much.

Tendulkar, surely, is the greatest one day player ever combining longevity, consistency and weight of runs in an awesome mix. Modern players dominate test and one day aggregate run scorers lists which in certain cases makes the lists irrelevant as a tool to judge the best players, but in Tendulkar’s case there is no qualification needed. He has now scored 46 ODI 100’s and 47 test hundreds putting him within touching distance of an unprecedented double and with his form as it is we believe (and hope) he will get there within the next year.

As a test player he has been the subject of some overly harsh criticism throughout his career pertaining to the actual worth of his runs. For our money at the Compulsive Hooker we have always rated Lara ever so slightly greater,  yet undoubtedly he would get into any world XI of the last 20 or 30 years and this combined with his ODI record ensures his place at Bradman’s right hand side.




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