An Unbeaten Australian Summer

23 02 2010

Australia have finished their Summer of international cricket with an almighty bang (or several technically) by beating the Windies in their 2nd 20/20 international. Over the course of the last 4 months first the Windies in tests, then the Pakistanis, and then the Windies in the ODI’s and 20/20’s have retreated under relentless pressure from this Aussie team which for any ‘Pom’ out there is about the worst thing that could happen. Not only that, faltering lights such as Shane Watson and Nathan Hauritz have been allowed to blossom in to true cricketing stars. Something that we would never have credited possible in November, yet here we are with 100’s and 5 wicket hauls to spare for both and probably the new found wherewithal to dominate England.

Without a doubt the Australians are the best one day outfit in world cricket currently and their Summer has been remarkable, not just for going unbeaten, but also for only ever looking like they might lose on only a couple of occasions. The Windies in particular have been particularly spineless with Chris Gayle talking alot but not producing once in the series, and with some of the shots he has played to cause his dismissal the WICB would do well to question his continuation as captain. Laid back is fine, but not appearing to care is offensive to the proud traditions of West Indies cricket and the office of the captaincy. To be fair to Gayle he did all right prior to the Pakistani’s arrival in Australia, but since the Windies return he has been dreadful.

The Pakistani’s on occasions showed a little more fight and probably have more inherent quality in their ranks, yet they too folded under the Aussie sun. Being England supporters, we have been praying for an upset ever since these two series started in the hope that the famed Australian confidence will be knocked. Sadly this hasn’t happened and we are worried….

This is of course not meant to denigrate Bangladesh or Pakistan who England have to play first, yet if we’re being honest the series that matters the most and that all English cricket fans build to is always the Ashes.


If you have a chance to catch the highlights of today’s 20/20 match between the aforementioned sides, make sure you tune in for the Australian innings batting second. David Warner scored 67 off 29 balls and Watson 62 off 33 balls and hit 11 sixes between them.

Amazing hitting and brilliant 20/20.

But is it proper cricket?



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23 02 2010
James Parrett

Hello again Brad. It’s very annoying, but you really can never write off the Ozzies. They went home a bit winded last summer with an embarrassing T20 World Cup exit and a 2nd Ashes loss on English soil in a row (when let’s face it, they were the better team). Now they look a World beating side in all forms of the game and this is with them having to draft in a new string of fast bowlers.

The 20/20 today was the purest display of the game i’ve ever seen. Tait and Nannes bowl serious pace and they have Johnson just trundling in at 90mph as back up. The ground fielding / catching is of the highest quality. The pinch hitting off the mark today was immense, however, you do have to scratch your head as to why the Windies continued to bowl length at Warner. Their middle order is pretty handy and that young lad Smith can play too.

I do think we should temper some of this praise though. The Pakistanis and Windies do not travel well and at times looked like touring pub teams. What is also beyond dumb is that the Windies now have a 34hr flight home and yet will be playing Zimbabwe on Sunday..!?! No wonder Gayle is a bit miffed playing for the Windies.

On a slightly different note, Dave Warner used a bat today called the Gray Nicholls KABOOM – some might say an apt label, i say stupid. Batman and Robin sound effects do not belong on willow. Impressive bit of wood though.

24 02 2010

Extraordinary really isn’t it when you can have two bowlers of Nannes and Tait’s quality only in 20/20s!

Amazing hitting I agree. England need some of that at the top of the order!

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