A Rare Live Offering

21 02 2010

England vs Pakistan (Dubai Cricket Stadium)

It is a rare thing that the Compulsive Hooker team is present at a match of any import living in the sandy highways and gleaming towers of Dubai. Yesterday, however, with England playing Pakistan at the recently opened cricket stadium in Dubai Sports City we went down, and despite our best intentions found ourselves beguiled by the wonders of 20/20 cricket.

There were several things that emerged from the game and since this is not designed to be a match report we have listed them below:

  • Jonathan Trott is not a 20/20 batsmen. 39 off 50 balls (25 of which he failed to score off) when there are only 120 in the innings is not good enough.
  • KP definitely is and batted brilliantly and majestically. We don’t see a particular reason why he shouldn’t move up the order and open. The best batsman should have the highest possible amount of time to score runs in.
  • Denly looks like he’s trying too hard. People have suggested he could be the next Trescothick type figure, and while he is clearly talented he looks like he is trying to force the issue. The CH is a big fan and wants to see him succeed.
  • Collingwood and Morgan are class one day players. With Trott having struggled for runs in the preceding 14 overs, both came in and hit sixes with their 1st and 3rd balls respectively. Granted neither lasted long but at that stage of the game it was hit out or get out.
  • Shahzad looked good although he suffered at the hands of Razzaq. Looks very confident and quick enough to hurry any of the best players judging by a couple of strokes Afridi and Alam played.
  • Why hasn’t Abdul Razzaq been a regular for Pakistan recently? 4 economical overs and 46 off 18 balls to win the game! Enough said.
  • The younger Akmal, Umar, also looks like a quality player. Like KP, he seemed to have that extra split second to play the ball.

Overall it was a brilliant game and the atmosphere was fantastic, with the banks of massed Pakistani supporters providing rhythm, fancy dress, strange paraphernalia (blow up cow, pink giant rabbits head, photos of Sheikh Mohammad) and a cacophony of sound. Please find a few photos from the evening below.

KP slashes at a wide one

Luke Wright drives for four

Collingwood hits a 6

Shahzad delivers his first ball... and is hit for 4.

Shahzad gets Afridi ducking

Collingwood travels - courtesy of Alam




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