Look Out Cricket World – Here Come Afghanistan!

14 02 2010

Afghanistan Celebrate

Afghanistan’s extraordinary rise continues in world cricketing terms. Yesterday they beat Ireland to qualify for the ICC World 20/20 Cup. Having been playing 5th division cricket against the likes of Papua New Guinea only just over 2 years ago, they will now be taking on the leading nations in the Caribbean during April’s tournament. Ireland, who also qualify as runner up in the tournament, have been the dominant force in cricket outside the test world for the past few years, regularly beating Bangladesh and Zimbabwe too. Over the past year Afghanistan have comprehensively proved that they have usurped Ireland in this role and the sky is genuinely the limit. In a country in which the game has caught on in an unbelievable fashion it will only be politics and continued violence that provide, the not insubstantial obstacles, to cricketing progress.

With the tournament in April just round the corner, the worlds senior cricketing nations can look forward to some serious scares from the Afghani’s, who will be using Holland’s victory over England in last years tournament as inspiration. The Compulsive Hooker will be following their progress as we love a good underdog story! Come on Afghanistan!




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