Lalit Modi vs ECB

11 02 2010

20/20 is taking over the cricketing world.

Not an earth shattering statement by any means but its slow march gets quicker every year. Now the English County Championship is threatened, mainly by the arrogance of Lalit Modi and the board of the Champions League 20/20. This tournament, which debuted successfully last year, has been scheduled from the 10-26 September which means that it coincides with the final two weeks of the County Championship season.

This of course puts the English counties and the ECB in a very difficult position. With Counties already struggling to remain in the black, this competition represented a great opportunity for riches for both club and player. With the ECB likely to be forced to protect the mainstays of their domestic game, they are likely to be very unpopular with the counties if they ban them from taking part.

It is crucial from an English point of view that the four day game is not compromised as, much maligned as it is, it remains the production line for English test cricketers.

The board of the Champions League is currently made up of representatives from South Africa, Australia and India which seems a little limited. If they want to take this competition to its logical conclusion, surely it would be sensible to include other countries in this decision making process. It still remains very much an ‘Indian’ and Lalit Modi led competition and this needs to change if this tournament is to become everything it can be.

For the record this is one of the 20/20 competitions that we are a fan of at the Compulsive Hooker, yet something has to be done to control Modi and the BCCI. The sheer proliferation of 20/20 cricket and the quest for money threatens all the best parts of a beautiful game.




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