The Miracle of Paul Harris

9 02 2010

Something even more incredible than Nathan Hauritz taking a five wicket haul has occurred.

Paul Harris has turned the ball off the straight. Not only that but he has taken 3 wickets to help bowl South Africa to victory by an innings and 6 runs. Finally, two of those three wickets were not Ian Bell types but world class batsmen in the shape of Sachin Tendulkar and MS Dhoni.

Will miracles never cease? That is three totally unexpected things that have happened today. We dare say we will not see there like again. That is unless Hauritz goes one better and takes a ‘tenfer’.




3 responses

9 02 2010
James Parrett

Miraculous indeed!

I actually rate Hauritz, i think if he had a bit of personality and didn’t always look like a child lost in M&S looking for his mum he’d put his stamp on things a bit more. He can bat a bit too.

Harris is the becoming the ultimate magician. Doesn’t turn a ball for 5000 odd deliveries, then – BANG – he’s spins one. No one ever sees that coming. Genius? Nah, he’s just crap. Can’t believe so many people get out to him.

Very disappointing from the Indians. I know they’ve got injuries but they can’t blame it on that. They should have strength in depth and then some giving the size of their cricket-playing population. Just look at the Ozzie bowlers that have come in this winter. Amazing back up. However, Dale Steyn must get huge plaudits for his performance. Potentially a “great” fast bowler to line up in all-time XI’s? Hope so.

9 02 2010

Actually I like him a lot. He always has that nervous grin on his face and seems a very good bloke. But he really isn’t up to much as a bowler, is he? I can’t believe that so many people get out to him. He has run through perfectly respectable line-ups before, but tail-enders recognise one of their own and usually knock him about easily.

10 02 2010

Despite my bagging of Hauritz I actually think he’s improved hugely and is a very respectable bowler now and appears to be in the Swann class which evens things up rather for the Ashes next year. As you say James, if he can impose himself a bit more he will probably get even better.

As for Harris it is a constant mystery how he manages to take wickets but somehow he does. Mind you, Ashley Giles and Shaun Udal also took wickets on the sub continent – maybe they’re all so rubbish that the Indians, used to only playing top quality spin can’t handle it. Look at Warne’s record in India! Averaging 47 a wicket I think!

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