One Kiwi Down, One Kiwi In

6 02 2010

Bad news for England yesterday in the shape of Riki Flutey pulling out of the Wales game this weekend. Flutey was likely to be an integral part of the midfield although Johnson has had the luxury of pulling in a second Kiwi to replace him in the form of Hape. Flood starts, but Hape’s bench inclusion ensures our quota of one disaffected kiwi for the match. The more we think about it, the more we are convinced that it is wrong that Hape should be playing, and for that matter Flutey. For the record we love Flutey’s fast feet and hands, however two men, one who has played for the Kiwi Maori side and the other for the Kiwi rugby league team, probably have no place representing England. We can understand it if Hape was to have an English parent but we disagree with the residency qualifications which is the route both players used.   

Mind you, if someone is a British passport holder then you can’t really deny them, even if it feels wrong. This is far from a new conundrum and is one which is likely to grow and grow as the world become a smaller place.

On the subject of Flood’s selection we are slightly worried. A little like Bangaladesh in cricket, we have been firmly in the ‘give him a chance, he’s good really’ with Flood. A quote by that deity of rugby coaches, Ian McGeechan summed him up for us however. Geeks said “I just can’t get excited by the way he plays” which is fairly damming and has knocked our faith in him.




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