Losing My Faith

3 02 2010

It is a rare day on which the New Zealand cricket team are given the epithet ‘powerful’. The Kiwi’s rugby team yes, but normal descriptions associated with the Black Caps include words such as ‘valiant’ or ‘over achieving’ or sometimes even ‘good’. It is even rarer that an entire game is completed in 25.5 overs. Yet both occurred today.

It does not take a rocket scientist to work out that their hapless opponents were those mightily frustrating Bangladeshi’s. One way of telling a poor team is when you look at the records of their batsmen and they all average similar amounts, whether they open, bat 4 or 9. Sadly Bangladesh all average around 22 and therefore it should not be a surprise to see them bowled out for 78 in 17.3 overs. The Kiwi’s then knocked this off within 8.2 overs meaning that quite honestly the NZ cricket board should really give everyone their money back. It certainly won’t encourage people to attend the one day matches and the solitary test match.

The Compulsive Hooker has always been fully in camp that thinks ‘come on, give the Bangladeshi’s a chance, they’re not that bad really.’ However our patience is being sorely tried as more easy runs and wickets are added to modern players records, further distorting the ability to have a pub conversation comparing Sachin Tendulkar to Wally Hammond etc….




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