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1 02 2010

It is rare that we, here at the Compulsive Hooker, are totally captivated by a football match. Prior to last nights Arsenal versus Manchester United match, the last time it happened was the European Cup Final between the latter and Chelsea. Last nights game though was played with such pace, verve and skill that we were drawn in and only relaxed when the final whistle blew.

Man United fully deserved the win although on another day, Andre Arshavin would probably have scored 2 or possibly 3. Indeed the whole Arsenal team showed a distinct inability to shoot the ball at the target, seeming to prefer the crowd rather than the netting. United on the other hand were clinical, Rooney’s goal on the break showing just how efficient they are at making the most out of every opportunity. At the heart of everything that was good, and eventually winning the man of the match award, was a Portugese winger in shape of Nani. It must be said that the Compulsive Hooker did a double take when we realised it was Nani playing so well. Previously we had him down as one of Ferguson’s few ‘mistake’ signings and about as effective as a dart without its feathers. Not usually admired for his work rate, Nani was brilliant last night creating Rooney’s goal and forcing Almunia into a mistake for the other.

Almunia’s own goal was a strange one we felt. Nani was trying to dink the ball across the box to Park waiting at the far post, the ball though ended up in the net having brushed off Almunia’s hand. We never did see a replay from behind Nani, but to our inexpert eyes it looked like the ball may have been going in anyway. In this case, surely the goal should be credited to Nani and not Almunia? If someone could explain why something is classed as an own goal and not credited to the attacking player we would be very grateful!

This result puts Arsenal 5 points behind Chelsea now and 4 points behind Man United. Of course you can’t write them off but considering their next 2 opponents are Chelsea and Liverpool our money is on them settling for third in the title race.




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1 02 2010

To my eyes the ball was destined to get to Park rather than sneak inside the far post.

Generally speaking the ”FA’s dubious goals commitee” will award the goal to the attacking team if it was on target before the deflection, if the deflection put a shot that was going wide on target then they give an OG. Apologies if I am teaching my grandmother how to suck egg’s

On to Michael Jackson (Nani), how I wish this blog was running at the start if the season (or I had been aware of it if it was).

As much as I hated saying it my shout was that this was the season he stepped up to the plate and proved some sort of successor to CR9 or whatever he calls himself these days. People forgot it took Ronaldo a long time to turn his twinkling toes into an end product.

What a match though, great advert for the Premiership when it seems to be difficult for the big teams to attract anymore TOP players for some reason.


1 02 2010

Thanks for that Robbo. I thought it may be along those lines.

1 02 2010
James Parrett

Almunia is a clown. One of the worst keepers in the prem. We may be short of a decent English keeper, but there are probably 30 odd i’d rather have than a Spanish plank like him.

Nani was trying to cross the ball which he sliced a bit. It wasn’t going in, hence it’s an OG.

1 02 2010

True about Almunia. Wenger seems to have a slight dull spot when it comes to keepers which is amazing when you consider how good he is at picking up young talented outfield players. Can’t think of a really top class keeper Arsenal have had since Seaman.

Cheers Pol.

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