Ball Biting, Tears and Role Models

1 02 2010

Returning to cricket, Pakistan’s Shahid Afridi has been caught on camera biting (yes biting!) the cricket ball in the final Australia vs Pakistan one day match. The cricketing world has been rocked by many a ball tampering scandal, both proven and alleged over the past 20 years, but as far as we are aware no one has been banned for this before. Nails in the seam, bottle tops to rough the ball up with, dirt in the pocket, murray mints to ensure a sheen and many others but this is taking things up a notch of ridiculousness. A cricket ball is not like a golf ball, which if one wished you could pop in and have a good chew. Afridi demonstrates just how large a cricket ball is in this  video, really having to open wide to get it in. Not the most subtle of methods you would have thought to induce swing!


Pakistan ensured the closest match of the series, with or without the extra swing brought on by the skippers teeth, but still managed to lose the one day matches 5-0. This is to go with the test series which was a further 3-0 whitewash. Obviously this shows clearly the depths to which Pakistan cricket has slipped to over the past couple of years. With two 20/20 games to come Australia have the opportunity to inflict a rare triple whitewash. In fact we are not sure it has ever been done before, so we hope for Pakistan’s sake that they will pull something out the bag. They are world 20/20 champions so surely they will win at least one game?


Andy Murray will have undoubtedly won a few more fans after his emotional speech in Melbourne yesterday. After having been roundly beaten and only showing flashes of his true ability, Murray was asked to say a few words upon receiving his runners up plate. With obvious emotion and disappointment showing on his face and in his voice, he struggled to stop himself breaking down. All to often in the past Murray has been guilty of being surly, arrogant and angry. In Melbourne yesterday he was simply shattered, humble and was even able to make a joke regarding only matching ‘Roger in his ability to cry’.

Federer also had nice words to say for Murray stating that he is ‘too good a player not to win a grand slam’. Federer meanwhile just keeps winning and yesterdays victory was his 16th Major. Surely now he must be rated as the greatest player ever to have played the game?


The Terry saga continues and it looks increasingly likely that he will be sacked from his job as England Captain. The government have not got involved with Sports Minister Gerry Sutcliffe questioning his role as national team skipper. There are two arguments here. One that his private life is exactly that and has no bearing on the job in hand. Or secondly that his is an unusual job and one that falls within the public domain making him a role model for children up and down the land. The Compulsive Hooker falls firmly into the second camp believing that especially since Terry’s behaviour directly affects an England team mate, he should be returned to ranks.

What do people think? Get rid of him altogether, a return to ranks or leave him be?




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1 02 2010
Chris Allen

The Terry thing is going to run and run, more girls will come forward, its an immposible situation just like the Tiger Woods episode. Good footballer good Captain, but he has to fall on his sword. Gerrard will take over as England Captain, Terry back to the ranks. He is going to get some gip from the terraces, but worse than that, his Chelsea and England Collegues are not going to settle for this one bit. It may be difficult to carry on playing in England. I would put a bet on him going abroad for a while…LA Galaxy?

1 02 2010

I’ll see your bet Chris, call it a pint?

He will still be Chelsea captain come the last game of the season and beyond.

As for Gerrard for England captain, I don’t think he is automatically first choice presently is he? Lamps and a holding player (Gareth Barry et al) seems to be Capello’s choice..

1 02 2010


Tiger is still my hero, a freaking freak!

1 02 2010


Who says all footballers are selfish?

1 02 2010

Ok so you ditch Terry, then what? show me a honest footballer and i’ll show you a man who hasn’t been caught yet. Who in the England camp has clean hands to be this “role model” you speak of? Drug takers, nightclub bashings, philandering, over the hill prostitutes, not a lot to chose from…….

2 02 2010

Love that video Robbo. Guti would have come in for some stick if he’d messed that up.

As regards succession plans if Terry does lose the job you raise a very good point, Dingo. I would say Gerrard probably as at least he was cleared of any blame for the night club incident!

Apparently Bridge is considering retiring from England duty now which would make things easier for Terry to stay. I think he’s still got to go though!

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