Saxons, Scots and Moral Considerations

30 01 2010

England Saxons play Ireland A tomorrow, in a match that will be a good indicator of the relative strengths of the two countries. Ireland in particular have selected an experienced side, many of whom already have full international honours. England on the other hand tend to use these games more as an exercise in development and to have a look at young players for the future. Both sides have a good level of talent however and it should make for an exciting match. Indeed from an English perspective it is encouraging that talents such as Alex Goode, Noah Cato and Andy Saull are given a run out. Whilst it is unlikely that players from this side will be involved in next weeks opening 6 Nations game, a strong performance from Ben Youngs, Leceister’s flying scrum half, might see him nick a spot in the match day 23.


With Andy Murray reaching the final of the Australian Open in Melbourne, Britain is faced with the prospect of having a first Grand Slam winner for 74 years. After a slow start against Cilic in the semis, Murray came through and played some very fine tennis in what turned out to be a comfortable win. With Federer awaiting him, after dispatching his opponent in typically imperious fashion, Murray will have his work cut out to win. Federer then wasted no time at all in turning on the mind games suggesting that this final step would be the hardest of all. For all Federer’s modesty he is still self aware enough to realise that beating him represents the pinnacle of tennis in the current age and he had no problems in reminding Murray of this fact.

With the Compulsive Hooker being a huge fan of Mr. Federer and not particularly of Murray’s, it took a brief struggle before the right patriotic sentiments took hold within us. We are supporting Murray of course but if Federer was to win – we wouldn’t be too upset.


It is emerging over the weekend that a secrecy order concerning England football captain, John Terry, has been lifted in the courts allowing details of an extra-marital affair between himself and Wayne Bridges ex-girlfriend to be published in the papers. According to the various reports this has important legal ramifications for the way these bans are applied in the future. Not being experts in British law we won’t concern ourselves with that side of things, however it seems clear to us that John Terry should probably resign as captain of the England football team. He has gained a reputation of respectability in a football world which often pushes moral boundaries and by failing in this regard, he has failed in his job as a role model.




2 responses

30 01 2010

I share your sentiments about Federer and Murray, exactly – and also concur that Terry (who the word “Oaf” was probably created for) is not a suitable role model. I can’t think of too many footballers that, are though?

31 01 2010

Its a very good question actually. Gary Lineker perhaps was someone who did a good job? Anyone else got any ideas of perfect role models in football?! Undoubtedly there are many players who don’t get into trouble and are probably very fine fellows – but out of all the really top level footballers there are few that haven’t had a scandal attached to them at one point or other. Perhaps it is to be expected as nobody is perfect. What about Frank Lampard? He’s fairly together isn’t he?

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