And Now For Something Different….

30 01 2010

It is important that here at the Compulsive Hooker, we are seen to be entirely fair, as unbiased as English supporters can be and open to all sports competed in by both men and women. Therefore we are going to mention something entirely new and suffice to say something that made us sit up and take notes pretty quickly!

We are talking about American Football. Although it must be said, not your bog standard 400 kg men running into each other and then getting swapped over for slightly lighter and faster men. No this is an entirely different kettle of fish.

We are talking about the Lingerie Football League.

Something Different!

It is pretty much exactly what it sounds like it is. Full contact American Football (or tackle football as they seem to call it) with only 7 aside and 50 metre fields. Only in the USA could something like this have been dreamed up and now an entire professional league has been spawned. Apparently it originated from the ‘Lingerie Bowl’, a national TV pay-per-view halftime entertainment program during the Super Bowl. Due to enormous popularity it has blossomed from there into a 10 team league.

In the interests of research the Compulsive Hooker then searched Youtube’s videos to see whether this was actually genuine football or a choreographed charade. To our total surprise it appears to be ‘proper’ football and some of the tackles and hits put in by the players are huge. In no way, shape or form would we consider ourselves knowledgeable on what makes a good football team, but to our untrained eyes these girls appear to have what it takes.

Albeit (and it must be said) with less clothes than we thought is normal!




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