Collapses, Sackings and Dirty Pints

27 01 2010

As expected Bangladesh have done it although in a style that has confounded even the Compulsive Hookers predictions. Yesterday, we said that Bangladesh would be bowled out with a lead of 75 and the game would be over by tea. In a collapse that even an England team of the 90’s and a tail comprising Caddick, Giddins, Tuffnell and Mullaly would have been proud of, Bangladesh went from 290-3 to 312 all out. From looking like they might set a reasonable target to only 1 in front. Needless to say India won by 10 wickets…. After our comments about Mohamed Ashraful yesterday we are pleased to say it was him that started the collapse with ‘a wildly irresponsible shot’. All this on a very flat subcontinental wicket.


More mystery emerging from South Africa following Mickey Arthur’s shock resignation two days ago. It now appears that the entire board of selectors has been fired as well. No explanations have been although rumours of rifts between Smith and Arthur have surfaced along with concerns over the racial make up of the team. Arthur and the selectors may have had a tricky last two test series, but surely everything they have achieved prior to this would have saved them from the chop for a while at least?


The worlds most miserable man, Andy Murray, got a little bit happier yesterday with his win over Rafael Nadal. Nadal, far from being the only man who could possibly challenge Federer for global dominance has now lost 9 out of 11 of his most recent games to top 10 players. Murray is in much finer fettle and on this evidence has a real opportunity to win his first grand slam ever. If he beats Cilic, Murray should find himself in the final against Federer and anything can happen then.

Here at the Compulsive Hooker we are still slightly unconvinced about supporting him – you have to of course being British, but somehow with Murray the ‘care factor’ is missing.


For all those rugby players around the country who have suffered at the hands of club Social Sec’s, Captains etc during their initiation rituals you will be interested to read the article on BBC Sport’s website here. Having seen similar scenes ourselves, we suspect the general reaction to the news would be one of laughter and outrage that the RFU should see fit to interfere with what is an important part of club bonding. We at the Compulsive Hooker would be willing to bet that the decision makers within the RFU who decided to prosecute these charges have participated in worse themselves…..




2 responses

27 01 2010

re Murray, he is not British, he is Scottish, for that reason my interest in his results is passing. Although I do admire his stance of being a Scot rather than a Brit, quite ironic really!

Although he does have an English coach, English girlfriend etc etc… Hmmm

re the Dirty Pints, it’s rugby for heavens sake, Uni rugby at that, is the game not sanitised enough?

Next there will be a distinct lack of a good old punch up during games for fear of being cited… Wait, hang on, that’s already happened 😦

27 01 2010

That is the problem really. Can’t seem to get fully behind him on a normal basis although I expect i’ll be shouting for him tomorrow in his semi.

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