Bangladeshi Decision Making…..

21 01 2010

It must have been an interesting team talk in the Bangladesh dressing room this morning, prior to going out to bat in an attempt to save the game against India.

Clearly it went something like this:

“Right lads, we only need a further 340 odd to win and we’ve got 8 wickets left. Never mind that the day is likely to be cut short and only about 75 overs are going to be bowled, we’re going to go for the win. The crowd are here to be entertained and who are we do deny them! None of this England, nuggety style of playing for the draw rubbish. In fact if possible I want to make a statement to Sehwag that we are not ordinary in our cricket and win with at least 20 overs left.”

This is the only explanation because 7 out of 11 batsmen had a strike rate of over 72 per hundred balls. (To score this quickly you have to take risks in test cricket or be a God like Virender Sehwag – Bangladesh fall firmly into the risk taking camp). The only  two batsmen who batted more akin to someone trying to bat time and save the game was the skipper, Shakib Al Hasan (belying his own words from earlier on…) who faced 47 balls for 17 and one of the openers, Iqbal, who faced 122 balls. Excluding one opener who faced 6 balls and the number 11, who if he has to bat you know your in trouble already, no one else looked like they even tried.

In fact the only person to last any time at all, Mushfiqur Rahim the keeper, scored 101 in 114 balls. The strangest case of playing for the draw I have ever seen.

For a long time Bangladesh have had problems in their shot selection and this seems to be only another example. Bangladeshi cricketers have developed playing one day and 20/20 cricket meaning that when it comes to this situation, they do not have the patience to see it through. They need to take a leaf out of Collingwood’s book as he would regard batting for 75 overs as a mere mornings work.




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