19 01 2010

As everyone else is giving their thoughts on Cook’s captaincy issues the Compulsive Hooker also wants our two pennyworth on the issue. (Don’t worry – its short and sweet). We feel that Cook is not the right man and considering the lack of other alternatives in the team, our vote goes to Rob Key of Kent. Cook’s only captaincy experience so far was an incredibly confused affair when South Africa racked up 240 in 20 overs. Either Strauss should remain or Key is your man!



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19 01 2010
James Parrett

Howdy Brad,

Agree with your comment that Cook isn’t the man for the job, but i don’t think bringing in Key makes any sense. The England setup clearly don’t fancy him much otherwise he’d have come in between now and 2005 when he was dropped. Since then i think they see him as a potential disruptive force and have kept him at arm’s length, appeasing him with a spot in the 20-20 squad and the odd Lions tour. His blunt – and quite amusing – statements in the press on the issue haven’t brought him any allies in the Eng camp either. Real shame because he has great potential as an Eng batsman and is a very decent captain.

I’d really like to see Anderson have another go – shame his knee needs attention. However, as he’s said, he’s not southern, posh or a batsman – all seem to be fairly helpful factors in the captaincy issue.

Sadly Cook really is the only possibility.

19 01 2010

Hi mate,

I think you are right really about Key. Throwing in some controversy to garner a response.

Actually when i was writing it I wrote Anderson initially, forgetting that he was injured. I really wish they’d given Key a shot sometime in the last 3/4 years too but I think you have summed it up perfectly.

Colly doesn’t want the job and there is no one else really as you say. Think Strauss should probably have gone.

Cheers for commenting and reading!


23 01 2010

Based on County Form, Key should definitely have played a lot over the years.
Think his problem has been that he’s too fat; which doesn’t fit in with the athletic youtful approach they’ve been wanting to take (particularly with a big emphasis being on the fielding.
Saw the debate between Stewart and Vaughan about whether Strauss should have gone.
I, likewise, think he should have.

24 01 2010

Agreed. Key has always been a little portly…. I think as James says above, it is more about his willingness to speak his mind and embarrass the management. Fitness, or lack thereof, of course doesn’t help matters either. He was certainly unfortunate though as when he was dropped, he had been averaging 45 in his preceding 8 tests. Sadly, being a kent man, I suspect his time has gone.

Having thought about it I don’t think calling him up would have been a mistake, granted both of your points above about why he hasn’t been picked, but I would almost rather an experienced and proven captain over a man whose only experience is in a few U19 matches. Carberry though appears to be next in line and he deserves his chance.

Perhaps it is more a case of too much cricket that has caused this situation that England find themselves in.

Steve James in the telegraph has summed it up for me. Have a look at this article:

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