A Story To Warm The Cockles

18 01 2010

Federer and Williams during their Hit For Haiti

Roger Federer again proved last night that not only is he a wonderful tennis player but a genuine and warm hearted man as well. Federer provided the spur for an event in Melbourne which goes some way to restoring your faith in humanity, as well as providing evidence that superstar tennis players are sincere, normal people behind their on court persona’s.

Apparently, Federer, on seeing the tragic events unfolding in Haiti since the earthquake struck last week, immediately called Tennis Australia and asked whether it was possible to organise a fund raising event prior to the Australian Open starting. Only days later and with the tournament proper due to start imminently, the ‘Hit for Haiti’ had been arranged.  With tickets costing only $10 dollars a head, people were queuing round the block to ensure they did not miss out on this unique and worthy event. Federer himself ensured superstar participation by rounding up Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Andy Roddick, Serena Williams, Kim Clijsters, Samantha Stosur and Bernard Tomic.

In a game in which all the players were miked up so the crowd could hear every grunt and comment the players personalities shone through. With Federer providing a running commentary, Roddick joking and Clijsters charming the crowd, it looked like an evening to remember and all the players and Tennis Australia should be commended for their parts in this piece. Over the course of the night over £100,000 had been raised with Maria Sharapova apparently donating 10,000 dollars herself from an adjacent court.

Nights like these are truly heart warming events and it is a pleasure to see that the top tennis stars of today are clearly eminently decent people.

The Compulsive Hooker has always been a fan of Roger Federer ever since we saw a video prior to an Australian Open a few years ago, in which he was having a go at batting against one of the Aussie bowlers in a net. He middled a couple too. There are a few other sportsman in the world, particularly footballers, who could do with taking a leaf out of his book and show a little more humility.

Well done to them all we say!

If you are interested in donating to assist the people of Haiti please click on this link:





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