Miserable Murray?

18 01 2010

Whilst on the subject of tennis, Andy Murray has won his first round game in the Australian Open this morning. He beat South African Kevin Anderson 6-1, 6-1, 6-2.

Murray is a strange case for British supporters. There are people amongst us who when asked where we are from call ourselves British. There are still others who despite also being citizens of the UK refer to themselves as English, Scot, Welsh or Northern Irish. For these people in particular Murray raises obvious problems. Murray has a second and probably larger issue in that his on and off court persona would often make a wounded Rhino seem like charm personified. The Compulsive Hooker for one has a strange relationship with him. Not being the nationalistic sort, we would always support him in any match he was playing, however on occasions, he has sorely tested our loyalty with his strops and unwillingness to answer the simplest of questions.

To give him credit, he has improved and has even been caught smiling in the past year or so. Something you never saw before! We suspect he has to actually win something big to make the jump from outside the circle of love to national treasure in the mould of Tim Henman. Murray’s other problem is that he is actually pretty good and, unlike Henman, looks like he is good enough one day to win Wimbledon. If he doesn’t fulfil this perceived potential his popularity is likely to slowly slide the other way until he is referred to as “that Scottish idiot” by all but the most loyal (and non Scottish) fans….




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