Sidebottoms Past, Present and Future

17 01 2010

Watching Ryan Sidebottom bowl yesterday it was clear to us that he had ‘lost his nip’. Sidebottom at his peak in 2007/8 was bowling 4 miles an hour or so quicker and seemed infinitely more threatening. This may have been because he was bowling at mainly Kiwi batsmen that year (which could explain the healthy bowling average) or alternatively because at these rarefied levels of cricket an extra 4 miles an hour makes all the difference. A combination of both is probably the answer.

Ryan’s father, Arnie Sidebottom, was one of the 80’s one cap wonders, made memorable only because of the family’s slightly unfortunate (and very silly) surname. Ryan has now played 21 tests for England and on this evidence will probably not play too many more. The Compulsive Hooker has checked his family tree and discovered the presence of Sidebottom progeny, who if the trend holds true, will probably play over 100 tests for England and be a devastating fast medium bowler. Unfortunately for the men’s team, Ryan has a daughter, Indiana Nell (elegantly named by way of apology for the surname we suspect), whom we expect to do sterling service for the England Ladies.



2 responses

17 01 2010
Chris Allen

So! Another dismal offering from England batsmen. A draw…..after 4 tests we got a draw…come on, we really dont deserve that! SA were a lot better in every department. Whats funny about Sidebottom? I have a cousin called Anthony!

17 01 2010

I agree with you on the whole. still disappointing…

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