One More Please!

17 01 2010

With this excellent series in South Africa drawing to an end after 4 eventful and exciting test matches, the overriding feeling is that it is a shame there is not one more left. In 20/20 and One Day crickets march on the primacy of test cricket the first battle won has clearly been the death of 5 match test series. Discounting the Ashes, I cannot think of another series in recent history that lasted 5 matches and it seems to be only England who are interested in playing them. Prior to this current series the ECB and SA cricket board had agreed that all series between the two nations would be 5 test matches long. Then citing scheduling issues promptly announced a four match series to accommodate an extra 2 one day games. Extraordinarily England then followed this by announcing two 20/20 games in the UAE. I’m not complaining – it means I can go and watch some live England cricket – but the reasoning is all a bit mixed up!

Even a marquee series involving India and South Africa has only 2 test matches scheduled, and this between the sides ranked 1st and 3rd in the world. Before India gained their number 1 rating in test cricket last month they had only got 4 test matches scheduled for the year as a whole (and two of these against Bangladesh).

Either way, with this test match series looking likely to finish 1-1, it would have been nice to have the opportunity and excitement of a positive result. That is, unless KP and Colly bat all day or the rain comes for extended periods and England cling on to an undeserved 1-0 win.

If this happens I will then be writing a piece tomorrow praising the ECB and SA board for their wisdom in arranging a 4 match series.




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