The Cost of Harper’s Folly

16 01 2010

An unfortunate thing has occurred. A prediction made by the Compulsive Hooker has more or less come to pass, but sadly for all England cricket fans, not the one we wanted. Smith scored a hundred, De Villiers and Boucher made runs and South Africa have declared 37 runs short of the predicted 460.

In terms of the match situation, England are in an enormous hole and bar the unlikely event of a brilliant batting performance, this match will be lost. Whilst the Compulsive Hooker is firm in the belief that the match was made unwinnable by England’s limp batting performance, Daryl Harper must take responsibility for the fact that the South African’s were able to get into such a dominant decision. A second bad decision today whilst De Villiers was batting also cost England valuable runs and surely his place on the ICC panel must come under scrutiny.

It has to be said though that a 1-1 series result is eminently fair with South Africa having dominated 3 out of the 4 tests.




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