A Maths Lesson

15 01 2010

With rain coming down at the Wanderers ground, Jo’burg (and every English cricket supporter hoping it continues) the Compulsive Hooker has decided to take a look at the difference between 36-2 and 201-2. Quite alot, or more specifically 165, is the obvious answer. In terms of a scoreline it is hugely significant. A team at 36-2 finds itself under a great deal of pressure with the pressure mounting whereas a score of 201-2 is comfortable and dominant.

The reason we are thinking of this difference is that Graeme Smith was adjudicated not out to a catch behind the wicket when the score was 36-0. With Prince falling 3 balls later this would have made the score 36-2. Before the Compulsive Hooker is accused of being ‘one eyed’ and all those other craven qualities of a fanatical supporter which we despise, it must be said that upon Strauss referring the decision to the 3rd umpire (the dreaded Daryl Harper), the video was inconclusive. With that alone the Compulsive Hooker is willing to forgive the decision. What both the on field and 3rd umpires had failed to notice though was a clearly audible sound as the ball passed the bat. With Smith cutting the only thing it could have been was ball on bat, ally this to the unison of appeal from the fielders plus speed of decision in referring it to the 3rd umpire and there is enough to overturn the original decision. Unless Harper had the sound turned down of course…

The DRS (Decision Review System) was developed to ensure mistakes like these were not made. With the SA cricket board choosing not to employ a snickometer or hotspot technology to assist the third umpire, in the eyes of the Compulsive Hooker, perhaps it would be better leaving everything in the hands of the on field umpires?

Decisions go both ways but the DRS is supposed to eradicate this element of chance. It is the humble opinion of the Compulsive Hooker that the simplest way for the ICC to go about this is to simply dismiss Rudi Koertzen and Daryl Harper from the International Umpires list. With 92% of decisions already being given correctly by this elite panel of umpires, the removal of this disastrous pair would raise the mark to close to 99%!




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