KP To Shine Again

13 01 2010

As we approach the final test of what has been an enthralling series, a notable bandwagon, which had been rumbling quietly up until the last test, has gathered pace in the worlds cricketing media. KP, the passengers in this wagon proclaim, is a man not at ease with himself or his cricket. Some pundits have declared he should be dropped and others seem to think that what he really needs is a firm kick on the behind.

To put this all in perspective, this is a man who scored 760 runs at 47.50 in 2009 and whilst this may not be achievement at the stratospheric level we are all used to, it is still better than everyone else bar Strauss. Granted he has had a poor series in South Africa, but KP did score 80 valuable runs in the first test which ultimately helped save the game for England.

The Compulsive Hooker believes that he is going through the first lean patch of his career by his own high standards but that he remains England’s best player by some distance. In fact the odds are that KP will probably score a hundred in the final test and put England on their way to winning the series. It was the need to prove himself that pushed KP to such enormous heights back in 2005 and so this renewed pressure could act as a spur to push him onto greater things.

It seems strange that KP has his doubters after everything he has done for England since his debut. How much of this is due to the fact that many English supporters still doubt his inherent commitment to England or instinctively mistrust his natural showmanship? Showboating is just not the done thing old boy, what what!




2 responses

14 01 2010
Chris Allen

8 runs for KP, England all out for 180 runs, God your good!

14 01 2010

Thank you Chris. I was talking about the 2nd innings of course.

And my prediction that he would put England onto winning the game has meant England are now all out cheaply. My fault. Sorry.

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