Selfish Clubs?

11 01 2010

A quick note applauding Arsene Wenger for his sensible and level headed reaction to the tragic shooting in Angola which left 3 Togolese dead on Friday. Whilst this is a terrible situation for Football to be faced with, Wenger has it exactly right in his opinion that unless a clear security threat is posed the tournament must be allowed to go ahead.

Smaller premiership sides such as Hull have intimated that they would like their African players to return as the situation is unsafe. The clubs murmuring along these lines (Hull and Portsmouth) are both situated in the bottom two spots with relegation a real threat, whilst Wenger and David Moyes of Everton have both said the players should stay and the competition continue. Without a clear and definable threat you have to wonder what these clubs motives are?




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11 01 2010
Chris Allen

Bit harsh Sir! If I had paid all that money for a player and paying a handsome wage, I would demand they come back. Your argument about each teams position in the league I strongly dissagree with also. Man City need Adi back to continue to strive for top honours, however as a Pool supporter happy they all stay out there!

11 01 2010

A bus hijacking can happen more or less anywhere though, it doesn’t constitute an organised and targeted threat against football teams per se. Any one can be subject to random violence and if that was truly a concern the world cup wouldn’t be happening in South Africa this year!

Maybe I’m being cynical re Hull and Portsmouth but I think they need their players more than a club like Man City who have a stronger and larger squad.


12 01 2010
Chris Allen

Hey, Tied myself in knots earlier when preparing luncheon, chatting with a colleague about the new offside rule, am I the only one that thinks the present rules are too open to interpretation? The previous rule was simple to understand, (apart from Americans) when the ball was kicked only one defender betwixt you and the goal meant you were offsife!…easy, now it seems to me that 2 can be offside and as long as the ball doesnt go to them directly they can just stand there! My argument is from a defenders point of view do I mark them or not! Sorry but someone help me on this….wasnt the old rule easier to understand?

12 01 2010

Chris, or Bradders, at risk of sounding like I have been living in a cave for the last few months, whats this about a new offside rule? Like I said I haven’t had the chance to watch much football lately but Im sure I wouldn’t have missed such a big change to the game? Cheers.

12 01 2010

I’ll let Chris explain it, but it was actually brought in at the start of the season I believe? Something about players who aren’t interfering in play but who are standing in an offside position being ignored so that play continues around them. Chris is that correct?

I can see that there might be some serious difficulties with this rule as what happens if the ball bounces back of the post for example to the guy who previously had been in an offside position?

13 01 2010
Chris Allen

Now, if a player is in an offside position when the ball is released but not receiving the ball he is not offside! Even though he might get the ball!

19 01 2010

I have looked into it a little more. If a player is in an off side position but not interfering with play then he is not offside. If the ball is played directly to him then he is offside, if he doesn’t receive the pass and it is cleared then play continues and if the ball is played back into the box then his new position stands. The player must not be obstructing any defender or the keepers line of sight to remain onside, and finally, a player can be in an offside position but if he gains ANY advantage by being in that position, whether that be a rebound off the goal frame, a defender or an out of place beach ball, then he is considered offside. Hope that is a little help Chris? If not check out the BBC sport academy website, Im sure they explain it a little better than myself.

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