Graeme Smith destroys England

6 01 2010

Once again a certain GC Smith has destroyed the England bowling. When England are playing South Africa this seems to happen with disturbing regularity and generally when the Boks need Smith to perform the most. Yesterday with 162* he has done it again and with this innings go England’s hopes of winning and probably saving the test match. I would love to hate Smith but I don’t, just find him incredibly irritating to watch as I know deep down if it matters, England can’t get him out.

To be honest once South Africa declare some time in the afternoon session today with a lead of 450-500 then if England bat it out they will have probably have won the game. There is that much time left.

I suspect though that it will be 1-1 going into the final test. Not unlike the Ashes. Lets just hope that England can come through and comfortably win the final test as in that series.

I suppose Amla also warrants a mention although I cannot quite understand how he has already managed a 100 and a 95 in this series. He looks like a walking wicket to me with his Catherine Wheel bat twirl and planted left leg yet somehow he manages to score runs.




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