An Apology to the Nation of Pakistan

6 01 2010

Most cricketers and cricket supporters are superstitious. This usually takes the form if you are playing of having a certain routine; left pad then right pad, using a bail to make your mark, not looking at the scoreboard when approaching your hundred or millions of other things.

With cricket supporters it’s slightly different. Not saying anything like ‘England are doing quite well here’ or ‘Strauss is certain to get a hundred the way he’s batting’, not listening to Test Match Special when Henry Blofeld is commentating (you watch next time, wickets always fall if England are batting), and generally never believing England will win unless they are within 5 runs of the target with 8 wickets in hand. If you do any of these things bad things will happen and you will be disappointed.

With non England games the same still works although it is less powerful. Hoping is the overriding factor here, especially when who ever it is you are backing is playing Australia. I cannot even mention ‘feeling confident’ as I am too full of remorse.

I have just noticed however that the cricinfo tab at the top of the page reads ‘Pak 333 & 139 all out‘. I cannot bring myself to click on it as I know deep down that had I been worried for Pakistan and been even 51% in favour of an Australian win, Pakistan would have won. I therefore take the blame for this horrible event and must prepare myself for the wrath of the Pakistani nation.

Therefore it is with great sadness that I can own up to being pretty confident and not even feeling the need to hope that Pakistan would comfortably chase down 176. Even at 103-6 and 133-7 I still felt they would do it.

Please remember I am sorry and it wasn’t intentional.

Be gentle.




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7 01 2010
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[…] and unnecessary wickets last night. Strauss and Cook were going so well I was beginning again to feel confident that we would get through the day relatively unscathed. Unfortunately Cook then played a silly pull […]

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