Ponting Kettle Black

23 12 2009

Ponting arguing with an umpire. Again.

I have just finished reading an article about Ricky Ponting in which he talks about the recent series with the West Indies and in particular the discipline of his players. Apparently he has demanded a greater level of discipline from his players after there being one or two flare ups during the aforementioned series notably with Sulieman Benn, Haddin and Johnson.

Now undoubtedly he has a point that there is no need to be pushing and shoving each other in between balls. However it does strike me that in these types of attitudes the Australians take their lead from one man only, Ponting himself. I have lost track of the times in which he has lost his temper, put so much pressure on umpires it is verging on dissent (including charging to within feet of them), acted like a petulant schoolgirl (see Ashes 2005 Pratt run out) and generally not handled himself in a way befitting of being in the most important job in Australia.

During the last ashes series Ponting was quoted a couple of times saying something along the lines of ‘only one team is playing this in the right spirit etc etc’. Conveniently forgetting that every time he questions an umpires decision, claims a wicket when he knows someone is not out, doesn’t walk and many other incidents such as these – he too is guilty of not playing within ‘the spirit of cricket’.

In short every cricketer indulges in a bit of underhand play and Ponting needs to simply stop going on about it and clean up his own behaviour. Perhaps then his team wouldn’t get involved in incidents like the Benn-Haddin-Johnson menage-a-trois.

Whilst on that last game, I thought Watson’s celebration when he dismissed Gayle was perhaps the most ridiculous and over the top I have ever seen. It also looks like an afterthought as there is a definite pause between the fall of the wicket and Watson deciding to roar.

My love for Aussie cricket has never been high and sadly it is now reaching new lows. With the respect levels gone too since Warne and the rest retired they don’t seem to have much going for them!



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