The French Conspiracy

22 12 2009
Dupuy, the scrum half, appeared to make contact with Ferris's face in one of the incidents that prompted an apology from Stade Francais to Ulster

Gouging French so and so....

I see today that Julien Dupuy has decided to appeal against his more than justified 24 week ban for gouging Stephen Ferris in the recent Stade Francais vs Ulster Heineken Cup rugby match.

Before you read any further please have a look at the evidence where it is plain to see that not only is he guilty, but he also plainly went in for a second time. It is also clear to see him looking around to see whether the ref is watching.

What do you think?!

The owner of Stade Francais, a chap who goes by the name of Max Guazzini, has declared the ban “excessive, very political and anti-french”. To a degree I think he has a point. If you consider that Parisse, Quinlan and Schalk Burger only received 6 – 8 week bans, then it seems excessive. As for ‘anti-French’, possibly given that the Judicial Officer was Jeff Blackett from England, but I doubt it.

In my untutored and very amateur eyes however, I cannot help but think that it is Burger et al who got off lightly. Any attempt by another player to tamper with an opponents eyes should be considered very serious and I suspect were a couple more players given bans of this length then we would swiftly see it disappear from the game. It should also be a straight red if it is caught by the officials at the time.

I am also very amused to see some of the comments by mainly Bok supporters on a well followed and South African produced website. Interesting how they jumped on the bandwagon of supporting this ban when so many were up in arms over the Summer months when Burger was banned. So many Bok fans seriously & honestly believe that there is a conspiracy by the IRB against the Boks when it comes to citings and judgements handed down. This ruling is clear evidence against that conspiracy and actually points to a sinister cabal of top IRB officials who hate the French and will do anything to stop them……




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