Problems with selection

21 12 2009

What have we learnt after that first test?

  • Cook isn’t going to score any runs any time soon although as he is almost certainly captaining the side to the Desh after Christmas he will be given all four tests. I predict one 50 (maybe in the next test to ensure he gets all 4) and an end of series average of around 22.
  • Bell is the most frustrating player to play for England in the last 10 years. Looks class, has a beautiful technique, plenty of time to play the ball but unless at least one other player (usually Strauss or Pietersen) has gone big he can be relied on to play a pretty 25 and get out. In this test he failed even to do that – would have been very happy with a pretty 25 at the end last night.
  • Broad needs to stop arguing and pitch it up.
  • KP is class again but still has same suicidal issues when batting.
  • Prior should probably bat at 6 but won’t as who would then bat at 7?
  • Wright is not the answer although I suspect he’ll get a game. He’s not going to score any more runs than Bell and will take less wickets probably as well.
  • Swann is fast turning himself into a legend.
  • England should have picked another batsmen on the tour, perhaps Denly or Morgan to reward his one day form.

Boxing day test side:

Strauss (time to play a captains innings)
Denly (called up from the Lions)
Broad (Not a 7 yet but would rather see him there than Wright)
Sidebottom (I think he may be getting past it now, but he does mix it up a bit and who else is there…)

Money is on the same side being retained however.

Come on England, lets have a re run of the Ashes and win the next test.




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