Munster munch

20 12 2009

Sorry for the horrible headline – hopefully I’ll get better at this….

Tonight is a huge game for Munster as if they beat Perpignan and other results (Northampton lose) they are more or less assured of qualification to the second round of the Heineken cup. They are however away from home so they are probably not favourites for this one.

Before I go any further I would just like to clarify that I am indeed actually English… It is courtesy of my Limerick born wife that I am writing about this game. Never having had an English club to support (although I did have a brief flirtation with a Guscott inspired Bath team in the late 90’s) I have found myself cheering on Munster who my wife is passionate about. Let me assure you England supporters out there though that i have never wavered in cheering on any English side who are playing….. Affection for Munster notwithstanding, England still comes first…..

It is also fairly convenient to support Munster as they are still one of the best sides in Europe and consequently satisfaction is usually guaranteed.

I’m going out on a limb though and am going for a 21-12 Munster win with no tries.

Big win for Leicester yesterday which means they’re still in the hunt. Toby Flood has really made an impact since coming back from injury. England could really do with him firing on all cylinders.

Finally a pleased word about Julien Dupuy. 24 weeks is a serious ban and one that he has fully deserved. I only wish that it was a statutory thing for all gougers and an immediate red card if spotted.

Rugby blog virginity taken. Done.




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