I love test cricket.

20 12 2009

I can’t think of any game like it – it meanders (albeit in an interesting fashion) for 4 days and 2 sessions and then boom. It suddenly bursts into life. A game that England should have comfortably  saved went down to the very last ball. For 2 hours life was put on hold as i saw England collapse at an ever increasing pace until somehow Graham Onions survived the last over.

I was already cursing Colly as they had taken a single on the 4th ball of the previous over which seemed a crazy thing to do. However i should not have doubted and there they were at the end.

If I needed 2 people to bat for a day for me against the Saffa’s I would pick Colly and induce Athers out of retirement, with possibly Jack Russell waiting to come in next. Trott did well in using up 454,033 balls for 2 runs but somehow i never felt confident. Maybe its because deep down I know he wanted to be playing for the Saffa’s and it was all part of a cunning plan. I’d like to blame Trott for the run out but sadly I think it was simply a brain freeze on KP’s part.

Oh and in all the excitement Munster won comfortably although I must say I wasn’t really paying attention. You see – England first!




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